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New Interview With Me

Learn more about the project, and about me.

Comments and questions are always welcome!


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Cheyanne Young on Atlanta Nights

Our latest supporter, Cheyanne, is a YA (young adult) writer and in her own words, ‘aspiring cat lady’.

She has a great blog that talks about writing, life, and the quest for publication, which you can check out here:

Talented people like this are exactly why we want to spread the word about publishing, and possible pitfalls.

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An Interview with Yours Truly

Interviews are great tools for helping people understand your projects and goals, and getting the word out!

For a more in depth look at what this project is about:

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Making Light on Atlanta Nights

In exciting news, Atlanta Nights: The Movie has a post at Theresa Nielsen Hayden’s ‘Making Light’, a blog dedicated to publishing news and warnings!

Be sure to read the comment thread, its a blast!

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Chuck Rotham on Being Travis

Another of the Travis Teas talks about the original project as well as the movie:

The original story spread like wildfire, and was largely forgotten in the following years. One of the goals of this movie is to bring attention back to that event, and the companies that still employ these practices.

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Atlanta Nights on What Not to Doc

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